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Are Puig Downforce Spoilers Worth It?

by Daniel Noble 11 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Puig downforce spoiler

If you pay any attention to MotoGP, you likely will have noticed the rapid rise of the use of motorcycle downforce spoilers and if that has got you thinking about adding a set to your motorbike then you need not look any further than Puig.

Using the latest aerodynamic technology and testing in cooperation with MotoGP and Kawasaki Racing Team, Puig have created a range of downforce spoilers to enhance both the performance and functionality of your motorcycle.

Now, while they have earned a good name for themselves in the world of motorsport, you may be wondering if it is really worth having downforce spoilers on your motorcycle and that is what I am here to address.

What are the advantages of Motorcycle Downforce Spoilers?

Fixing to the side of the motorcycle, Puig downforce spoilers are the product of their innovative wind tunnel testing and are sure to transform your motorbike for the better.

Puig BMW downforce spoiler

Safety, stability, control.

Anyone that has been on a motorcycle will know all about the impact wind can have on your rides. While other accessories can be used as protection to deflect that ever-pesky wind away from the rider, these downforce spoilers actually take things a step further to use the wind to your advantage. By creating additional vertical downforce to the front axle which not only increases the aerodynamic performance, but also provides safety, stability and control when braking at high speeds.

If that was not enough to convince you, you should consider that Puig downforce spoilers also produce an anti-shimmy effect to ensure the front wheel receives more weight, reducing wheel lift while improving cornering to maximise the performance of your motorcycle on the track. What more could you ask for!

Are Motorcycle Downforce Spoilers Only For Track Bikes?

While their purpose, design process and links to MotoGP make it clear that the development of Puig’s downforce spoilers has been aimed at racing bikes, you may be reading this as the owner of a road bike and will be wondering if there is any point in finding out more. Well, the honest answer is maybe, they could be of interest depending on how you plan to use your motorcycle.

If it is an aesthetic upgrade that you seek for your road motorbike, then there is no doubt that Puig downforce spoilers have got something to offer, adding a sporty, race aesthetic that is sure to help your motorcycle look the part.

As mentioned, motorcycle downforce spoilers improve stability, control and cornering and although you will feel the effects to a certain extent on the roads, it is when travelling at high speeds that they really earn their salt and therefore, you will not feel the true benefit until you hit the track. So, with that said, these motorcycle spoilers are only really needed if you do indeed have a track bike or plan on putting your road bike through its paces on the track.

How Much Extra Downforce Does a Puig Spoiler Create?

Using wind to their advantage, Puig downforce spoilers create air flow over the top of their angled surface to generate turbulence and a difference in pressures that provides additional aerodynamic force.

Puig motorcycle spoiler generated downforce

The level of downforce created by Puig spoilers.

Perhaps the greatest example of the impact these downforce spoilers can have is their addition to the Honda Fireblade. Take a Fireblade equipped with Puig Downforce spoilers out on the track and the faster you go, the more downforce you will receive. In fact, Puig spoilers create 7.8kg of downforce to the front axle when travelling at 300kmh which in turn, results in a safer and more comfortable ride with optimal aerodynamics.

So, now that we all know what the purpose of motorcycle downforce spoilers is and how much of an impact they can have, is there really any need for them if you’re not a budding MotoGP star?

The short answer is yes, to a certain extent. Puig spoilers will have some benefit to your road motorbike but they probably wouldn’t be a justified addition for that style of riding and although I’m not saying they are just for professional motorsport riders, they really only showcase their true ability at higher speeds. For that reason, they are the perfect companion if you plan on hitting the track but if not, then they probably aren’t necessary.

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