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Motorcycle Panniers: Why You Should Consider Longride Saddlebags

by Daniel Noble 14 Mar 2024 0 Comments

Longride motorcycle panniers

Whether you are a first time buyer or simply searching for a new set of motorcycle panniers, you may find yourself stuck in a minefield, struggling to take the leap out of there and choose between the long list of options.

While that undoubtedly is a tough decision in itself, before you begin to navigate the world of motorcycle panniers, you may first want to consider the mounting system you will be using to fit them. Finding the ideal saddlebags is all well and good but you aren’t going to get very far with them without first acquiring a mounting kit.

So in that case, turn your attention towards Longride and their innovative clickfix system. From its convenience and stability to its compatibility with a range of bespoke saddlebags, here is all you need to know about the unique pannier mounting kit.

Who are Longride?

Spawned out of the original LSP bag company in Belgium, Longride first began producing luxury, leather-finish motorcycle luggage in 1988. It was then in 2006 that they took the step from simply mass producing luggage to focussing on quality production, quickly establishing a brand known for creating not only in-house products, but also bespoke luggage for a number of external brands.

Specialising in saddlebags, Longridge offer a classic style for those seeking an alternative to the more modern panniers for their motorcycle. Through what they describe as ‘a new level of craftsmanship’, they have been able to create modern motorcycle panniers with a retro design (the best of both worlds).

Is Longride’s Clickfix the Best Motorcycle Mounting System?

While it could be argued the market for motorcycle saddlebags and fitting kits is a rather saturated one, Longride have more than earned their right to be in the running with their innovative clickfix system.

Longride clickfix motorcycle panner mount

Minimalist and sturdy with effortless mounting.

In fact, through their clickfix fitting kit, Longride have arguably set themselves apart from the competition. The patented mounting system offers the quickest mount on the market, allowing you to simply click your motorcycle saddlebags into place on their respective rack in a matter of mere seconds and if you thought that was convenient, wait until you hear about the removal of the side bags. In the same fashion as the mounting process, Longride have implemented the fastest release on the market, meaning you can remove your panniers from the mount and be on your way in no time at all.

Now, while convenience is all well and good, you may be wondering how secure the Longride fitting system is and it is safe to say you will be pleased to hear the verdict. The clickfix pannier fitting kit allows you to lock your saddlebags directly to the motorcycle, an instant security upgrade that gives Longride the edge over some of their competitors who only offer throw-over panniers which require cumbersome, time-consuming straps to secure them to the motorbike and other competitors who do not offer any locking method.

What Kind of Motorcycle Panniers Fit to the Clickfix System?

Although the prospect of the Longride clickfix mounting system may have piqued your interest, it is only natural that you now want to know what kind of motorcycle panniers you can use with it. Well, luckily for you, Longride have multiple options that may interest you.

First up is their classic motorcycle saddlebags which are available in either high-quality, luxury leather or synthetic leather and offer a timeless, authentic look. With a sealed interior to prevent humidity and durable, water-resistant materials combined with their ability to be locked to their fitting kit, there is no doubt the classic panniers live up to the lofty expectations set by the clickfix system.

So, with the classic pannier option laid bare, attention turns to the canvas saddlebags which suffice to say also live up to expectations overall. The thick, waxed canvas material and leather elements provide long-lasting durability just like their classic counterparts, however, the only downside comparatively is the lack of water-resistant protection. On the other hand, the canvas option can offer a couple of incentives that the classic does not with tiedown points to fix the side bags in place for extra stability and a range of colours available to allow you to select the option that’s best for you.

So, now that you are better acquainted with Longride, hopefully their clickfix mounting system and motorcycle saddlebags are more familiar to you. With that said, should you really consider Longride for your next luggage choice?

To cut a long story short, the answer is a resounding yes! While the style of panniers could be considered a case of personal preference, the unique, innovative and more importantly, quick and effortless mounting system speaks for itself and for that reason, Longride should undoubtedly be under consideration.

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